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How to Straighten your LA 'BELLO BEAUTY WIG.

How to Straighten your LA 'BELLO BEAUTY WIG.
Hey babes!💓
Ready to bring on the heat? Today’s blog is all about learning how to straighten your LA 'BELLO BEAUTY Wig! As you know all our wigs are made from heat resistant synthetic fibres, which means you can apply heat up to 160 degrees on them.
Below is a step-by-step guide to help you gain a new skill of straightening your LA ‘BELLO BEAUTY wig like a pro as you stay #homewithlabello.
✨Step 1: Tame those Tangles✨
First things first, make sure your wig is tangle free! We recommend using a wide tooth comb. Lay your wig on a flat surface and brush starting from the ends. Work your way up to the roots to avoid any breakage
✨Step 2: Heat Protectant is Key ✨
Just like you would with your own hair, spray the hair with your heat protectant! We also recommend placing your wig on a wig head or stand to make the process easier!
✨Step 3: Bring the heat in✨
This step is where the actual transformation happens! Plug in your straightener and set the heat to 160 degrees. Split into sections and straighten from root to tip. Let the pieces cool for a few minutes, and you’re ready for the final step!
✨Step 4: Comb me, baby one more time✨
Once the wig has cooled, go through and use your wide tooth comb to brush from ends to roots one more time! This will help make sure you have the smoothest look possible.
You can thank us later!
We’d love to see how you transform your LA ‘BELLO BEAUTY Wigs! Tag us on IG @itslabellobeauty and use #homewithlabello or #labellodoll.

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