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Jayda HD Lace 100% Human Hair Frontal Wig
Jayda HD Lace 100% Human Hair Frontal Wig

Jayda HD Lace 100% Human Hair Frontal Wig

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The 'Jayda' HD Lace wig is the perfect blend of volume and layers, creating a glamorous and luscious look that you'll absolutely love. Our expert stylists use a 180% density wig with two bundles to achieve this blown-out effect, leaving you looking absolutely stunning.

Here are the specifications for the 'Jayda' wig:

  • Model is wearing a 24 inch straight wig with two virgin bundles (be sure to add this to your order)
  • 13x6 frontal
  • 180% density wig
  • Grade 12A
  • HD lace (transparent lace colour)

Please note that our website photos are taken with professional lighting, and coloured pre-made wigs may not always look the same in person. However, we strive to maintain consistency and accuracy in our measurements and colouring.

Our top priority is always maintaining the quality of our hair, so if you request custom colouring, we will do our best to achieve your desired shade while only bleaching the unit once to preserve the hair's integrity. All coloured wigs, whether pre-made or custom coloured, undergo an intensive deep conditioning treatment to restore hair quality before being sent out. If you're looking for lighter tones or colour options, please consider our Becky 613 wig.

Please note that all coloured wigs and custom coloured wigs are non-refundable, as they are made to order to ensure the highest quality.

Density Explained:
150% : 1-2 Bundles
180% : 2-3 Bundles

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