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Mulatto 100% Human Hair 613 Frontal Wig
Mulatto 100% Human Hair 613 Frontal Wig

Mulatto 100% Human Hair 613 Frontal Wig

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Achieve the ultimate Mulatto-approved look with our custom-coloured 'Mulatto' wig.


If you select a wig cap, virgin hair, HD lace, or any service, please ensure that you leave the 'custom option' in your basket. Failure to do so can result in a delay or cancellation of your order.

  • The model is wearing a 24-inch straight wig that has been cut.
  • The model is wearing a 13x4 frontal.
  • 150 density.
  • Grade 10A.

Please note that the website pictures of our pre-made coloured wigs may not always reflect the same in person due to professional lighting. However, we ensure that we maintain the same consistency and measurements when creating our coloured wigs.

Our top priority is to maintain the quality of our hair. If you request custom colouring, we aim to get the end result as close as possible to your desired colour. If your unit requires bleaching to reach your desired colour, we will only bleach the unit once to preserve the hair's quality. All wigs, whether pre-made or custom-coloured, undergo intensive deep conditioning treatment to restore the hair's quality before sending it out. If you require lighter tones or colours, please choose the option of our Becky 613 wig.

Please note that our coloured wigs and custom-coloured wigs are all non-refundable as they are made to order.

Density explained:

  • 150%: 1-2 bundles
  • 180%: 2-3 bundles

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