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Happy International Women's Day ❤️

Happy International Women's Day ❤️
The official Women’s Month is upon us. Today is International Women’s Day and here at LA‘BELLÓ BEAUTY and we are so honoured and proud to be a business by Women for women.
The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Let’s all choose to challenge”. We can all choose to challenge and call out gender inequality.
This is such an important conversation and we must challenge each other to discuss it.
Gender inequality is still very much present in today’s society and as uncomfortable as it might be to discuss it, it’s much more unbearable for the women living through it.
We as women must support other women and look out for each other. We need to remember that the more women are at the top, the easier it is for others to get there and the more change we can impact.
At LA‘BELLÓ BEAUTY, we are proud to be a female owned business that builds and empowers other women in different ways. One of the quotes we employ in our business is that, “no one is you and that is your superpowHER” we encourage diversity and challenge others to do the same.
This women’s month, we choose to challenge the societal standard of beauty with our products to fit every woman. We have ranges of different quality wigs for whatever your preference might be because we believe beauty is unique to each woman.
From our Wo, Ada and Omoge wigs for that natural curls look, to our Berry Boujee, Minaj and Fia Fia wigs if bright colors are more your thing to our wigs. Natasha, Chioma and Nela for the classic black and straight hair, there is something for every woman at LA‘BELLÓ BEAUTY

Today we choose to amplify the female voice and we ask that you share your various experiences wearing wigs in either work environments or personal lives. 
Thank you for reading, you can visit our online store to shop for your beautiful luxury affordable hair to gift that amazing Woman in your life this Women’s Month. Remember we need to celebrate each other and ourselves more!
You are a #superHERo
With Love 
By: @solabomi_a.

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